Thailand Family Vacations

Planning Thailand family vacations with children is not as hard as many people imagine.

Thailand Family VacationThailand Family Vacation

If you have ever found yourself enjoying a Thai meal and thinking this is one of the top cuisines on Earth,  or you like the outdoors, and experiencing new and exciting cultures, then it’s time you considered putting Thailand on your family travel itinerary. 

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Where to Stay in Thailand

Find top Family Friendly hotels and resorts in Thailand

Vacation rentals in Thailand

There are plenty of reasons people may bring up to point out that it is not an ideal place to bring children, but when you get to the bottom of those complaints you wind up realizing that Thailand is is a perfectly reasonable choice. Let's have a look at some of the top reasons to create your own Thailand escape with your family.

Where to go? While the travel itinerary for your Thailand family vacation is largely dependent on your family interest these video will guide you through some of the top destinations and activities you can expect to experience and help you plan.

Chiang Mai Northern Thailand

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Phuket is an ideal location if you are looking for a family resort vacation. Check out our top Phuket Resorts and Thailand Resorts for great options for families. 


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Khao Lak

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Ayutthaya Central Thailand

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Koh Chang

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Thailand Full Of Culture and ColorThailand Full Of Culture and Color

Thailand Family Vacation Costs 

One of the first considerations of any family vacation is the cost. Obviously, this factor is going to be a key influence in your decision making as to where you make that next strategic investment in your family bonding vacation. Different families are going to have different budgets but there are advantages for a Thailand family vacation whichever vacation disposable income investment segment you fall into. Unless you fall into the can’t afford to go at all percentile, a Thai family vacation definitely falls within the realm of the most affordable family vacation countries which are generally safe and comfortable to travel in. There are definitely more expensive and less safe places to travel. 

Compared to a European vacation you will arrive home having spent a lot less on your time on the ground. Sure it may cost a little more for your initial flight but you will constantly make up the difference in your day to day interactions, your meals, your accommodation and the activities you plan to spend your money on. You may even find yourself trying to spend money because of the exceptional value of some of the products and services. This is a pretty good situation to find yourself in and it can significantly reduce the stress of a family vacation to not have to have to think about the budget continuously.

Thailand MountainsThailand Mountains

Remember to take have your own currency and as many ways to access your own funds as possible. Travel cards, travelers checks (not completely redundant yet), cards that access your funds at home, and cards that you can use in the local machines, as well as an emergency supply of local and your home currency. Multiple sources of funds in separate different places, banks and names is the idea. And even a source where you stash your photocopy of your passport and those other important travel documents is ideal.

If you are shopping somewhere where you are paying in you home currency however you are probably paying too much. In most cases it is better to pay on Thai Baht which you can bring from home, or more favorably exchange at your arriving airport or in town. Check your tickets have paid the required departure tax also or authorities may request this on departure from the country.

Thailand Food for Kids

American Kids Try Snacks From Thailand!

Culture in the Land of Smiles 

Thailand Land of SmilesThailand Land of Smiles

In the local language Thailand is translatable to “The Land of the Free”.  If you're from a Western country then, Thailand may have more in common with your own country than you might think. There are also some very important differences that you should know about before you go.  As a country that has not been colonized Thailand has developed it’s own unique culture distinct from many of its neighboring countries. Of course Thailand is diverse and has distinct regions and ethnic groups, but on the whole you can definitely say it truly lives up to its reputation as a hospitable destination. Make an effort to learn a little about the history and culture before you go, and if you have never been to an Eastern country before perhaps you can consider this and discuss differences you notice with your family. You don’t want to become obsessed with difference and it’s nice to also become somewhat submerged and enjoy the experiences and culture you encounter, but it is also good to know a little about the culture and history to really appreciate the intricacies and not get to get frustrated, or suffer culture shock, as a result of the differences with your own culture.

This video by 11 year old anna was as good as any Thailand Culture overview I was able to find: Educational Thailand Travel Guide for Students

While it is generally considered that Thailand is run by the head of state the King and the royal family since becoming a constitutional monarchy in 1932, the battle for the democratically elected government positions has become a bit of a flash point for demonstrations and battles from time to time.  While a friend of ours who has lived in Thailand for many years says this will never affect tourists and their travels, it is worth checking travel alerts and keeping an eye on the news before you set your travel plans.

This video looks at cultural differences in Thailnd

Also, if you have never traveled through and around a vastly predominantly Buddhist country this can become quite an eye opener in itself to observe monks and their routines. Sometimes it is surprising the first time you see a monk in an orange robe on their cell phone. If you also look a little deeper you will notice some “Spirit House” religions in some of the more obscure and unusual festivals, and practices that you should also remain respectful of.

Thailand Family Travel Essentials

Learning the Language

This is up to you how much language you choose to learn for your journey.  You can get by with very little but is always worth your while learning a few key phases that at least show you are trying to respect the local culture and not these simply to make it as much like your own country as you can.  Often when I am in a country where I am language deficient I ask for a card or request someone write down where I am staying. This way you can simply show a local when communication becomes difficult. you can extend the idea out to other essential communications that are written down in your language guide book.

Here are a few key phrases you can print out for your journey from an informative web site to help you in restaurants with your family   

You may find online translations useful to although the results aren’t  always  as neatly communicable as you may like. Mark it down as another of the unusual cultural interactions that help you appreciate the differing cultures.


Water is filtered and chlorinated but like most Asian countries a little unsafe to drink. Nothing as bad as to compare it to India or places with dangerously not drinkable  tap water, only far better to avoid it.

Scam Alert

Take care not to get yourself into situations you never set out to or get caught up in any scams. This could meaning something relatively harmless like paying  to much for a tour to of something scarier that happens as a result of following a scamster into an unfamiliar or unwanted situation. Use registered tour operators and don’t commit buy anything substantial you set out to buy that morning. A search of you tube "Thailand Scams" should keep you up to date with the latest scams that are in operation.

Best to play it safe in the first place rather than  rely on the tourist police phone number - 191

Food in Thailand


Your choice if you would like to include meals in your hotel or tour package. Personally I would definitely leave a portion of your  of your journey unplanned in this regard. 

Image: street food phuket thailand by prempcc FLICKRCCImage: street food phuket thailand by prempcc FLICKRCC

Spontaneously deciding to go find something to eat is often an adventure and rarely if ever a disappointment unless you have particular food sensitivities. Chances are you will find something delicious and fresh within minutes.

Why not get accustomed to some traditional Thai foods before you go to help make choosing meals easier among the myriad of choices you are likely to encounter in your explorations.


While it is always advisable not to enter your bank or sensitive websites on public computers, internet cafes are cheap and widely available to the point where you may want to consider leaving your laptop at home or consider investing is a cheap portable device for the trip.

Postage is good value to the point that you may as well send anything you need to send via the traceable EMS service.


While it should go without saying that you will need to seek out adequate health insurance for your family.

There are also a few Thailand specific vaccinations you may like to consider.  This video should provide you with enough information to get you thinking about what is required.

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