Turkey Travel Pics

A few Turkey travel pics from  the top family friendly places we found to date in our explorations. We cover areas around the country, and focus especially on attractions which are appropriate for families with kids.

Kids Kids "treat" in Istanbul

 Turkey certainly has some especially stunning landscapes and diverse locations. As these National Geographic Turkey Travel Pics testify to. 

Turkey Travel Advice and Guide

Travel Pics Around Istanbul

This tour of Istanbul by lonely planet will help you get a great overview of the city. And while it is not directed at children many of the activities and attractions visited are appropriate for families with kids of all ages.

Turkey is a friendly country  with kids in tow. However sometimes a little too friendly and it's not too uncommon for a local to pick up or unwittingly invade your personal space a little. But that in itself is not any reason to hesitate a city rich in history and sensational experiences. And while there are a few made for children attractions like Atlantis water-park and the Miniaturk miniature Turkish monument reconstruction. Really it's the cultural and street attractions the kids need appreciate to really make of a vacation here.

The Grand bazar

Bazar Market StallBazar Market Stall

Great place to pick up an ice cream with the kids. Remember bartering is more the  norm than the exception. The stall holders will think you want to buy if you stop to look for too long in a country where browsing  is not really something people do.

Take a Tour

Kids will love taking a tour from a double-decker bus or tram from Taksum Square to see the city sights.

Tram to Taksum SquareTram to Taksum Square

Waters of the Bosphorus

Transport can easily take you here and other interesting mosques around the city and further afield.

The Festival of Troy

The iconic hose associated with the battles against the Trojans is the setting for a festival organised for the joy of children specifically in mind. In August as part of the festival of Hisarlik white doves are released from the Trojan Horse in a gesture of peace, and there are continuous dancing and singing involved. The kids can  climb up into the body of the wooden horse.

Pamukkale Thermal Pools

Located between the Mediterranean and Augean areas of Turkey these pools are made as limestone settles as the springs rise and overflow.  They look spectacular and make for terrifiv Turkey Travel Pics. Nearby children can enjoy the thermal baths for themselves.


Ankara / Anatolia

Take your Family on a hot air balloon to really appreciate the size of the Cappadocia Fairy  Chimneys.

The Ankara region holds some of the most captivating travel experiences in Turkey as well as some stock standard tourist attractions, like aqua parks you may find in any area of the world.

See a show by the Whirling Dervishes, visit a steam train museum, take a bot trip from Sinop. There are even Ski Resorts in the area.

Pretty Antolya is on the Mediterainian Coast and has it's own charming old town




The post volcanic Fairy Chimneys are one landscape you are going to want to Get some pics.  Located in Cappadocia, which is in the central part of Anatlia. A good place to stay is the interesting town of  Goreme which has building calved into the stone.


Turkey Travel Guide 

This Turkey travel guide may further help you to navigate your way around Turkey.

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