Tweed Coast Holiday Review

There are simply enough options in the Tweed Coast to have the most amazing holidays you could imagine. 

I didn’t realise how true this was until we completed our road trip down the east coast of Australia and rediscovered how exquisite this area is. 

When I first brought my Canadian wife to Australia to charm her, and enthuse her about settling in Australia I took her as part of our road trip then to the Tweed Coast. This is simply one of the most amazing areas of the country.  In recent years with our toddler we have chosen to stay at beautiful Hastings Point.

Tweed Coast Holiday Accommodation and things to do

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The beaches are amazing with their bright blue colours and white sands – the hinterland is amazing full rich green rainforest colours and laid back  hippie towns.

Back then we stayed at a tiny little speck of a village located on miles and kilometers of deserted beaches called Wooyung. As far as I know the little motel there is operational today and we paid about $65 a night for the experience of having one of the best endless beaches you could imagine at your doorstep – complete with sand that actually squeaks when you walk on it.

 When we moved to Australia we came back to the Tweed Coast again again and we made multiple excursions to all sorts of places - one amazing day trip after another over the years. Now we have a child we continue the tradition with her not out of habit but because of the ability of the region to deliver great holidays and travel experiences. 

The Tweed Coast is surely one of the most exceptionally beach paradise holiday locations in Australia, but is often overlooked because of it's proximity to the Gold Coast – which is almost it's total opposite in terms of family friendly holiday experiences. 

During our 2016 family road trip down the east coast of Australia we found ourselves at some quite amazing beach settings – but I often found myself comparing these to the wonderful Tweed  Coast beaches. Once we even visited  a beach often described as the most wonderful beach in New South Wales and is in the Guinness Book Of Records as having the whitest sand in the world but only found myself suggesting people go check out TK Caberaita Beach on the Tweed Coast.

We usually have stayed at Hastings Point on our numerous visits to the area. This has suited us well with our toddler as they have yet to charge us for her yet. Now she is beyond the age where we can get away with not paying for her we will look at staying at any one of the many other great tourist parks in the area. Sure we won't like giving up staying at a park which has treated us well and is rated as one of the, if not the top Holiday Park in Australia but we like to vary our experiences in any case and we have been told by people who have called up during the holidays that the Hastings Point Big 4 is now charging exorbitant dollars for camp-sites during the holidays. We simply can't compete with the doctor and lawyer mums and dads which outbid each other for some of the top Big 4 tourist park spots on the East coast.