Our Ulladalla Holiday Review.


A fisherman sitting in his van with his red dog says a friendly, "hello" as we are setting up a picnic in the picturesque and sunny town park down by the fishing wharf . After finding out "Old Mate" has lived in his van cruising around on fishing trips with his friends in the rich fishing grounds around here. He is here to visit his mum and looks comfortable in the summer sun without a tee shirt on. For us  Queenslanders it doesn’t particular hot – but pleasant on the skin -  even though on the radio they are talking about the record hot weather. Old Mate's mum tells us she would not want to live in any other location, and looking out over the sparkling harbour to the peaceful township I can understand why. 

Ulladalla RaysUlladalla Rays

Down on the harbour itself we decide to take a walk out a small fishermen’s jetty to stretch our little girls and our own legs and soak up the ample character of this location provided mostly by the fishing boats. Reading a sign we find out they hold a festival here Ulladulla to bless the fishing fleet but it seems it has already been blessed by it's serene looking harbour and clear waters.  

Town of Milton by UlladallaTown of Milton by Ulladalla

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The surprise of the fishing wharf is the scores of pelicans surrounding the amateur but  successful fisherman cleaning their days catch of flathead – discarding the remains into the ocean. Fisherman stops to point out something in the ocean we should show to our daughter. The fish guts don't get a chance to reach the bottom of the clear seas however as  there are enormous sting rays there to scoop them up for their morning snack. The water may as well have been a high definition television screen – the image was that clear. Fisherman takes the time to tell us how he has lived a few places on the coat away from here but he wouldn't want to live anywhere else.

Ulladalla BayUlladalla Bay

In town we stop by the Amusement park I have seen advertised in a lot of the advertising literature for the town. The place looks like a monument to 1980's beach holidays with all the original machines and rides from the era. If you like this type of things they are also available for kids parties but don't expect any  free rides here – everything will need a coin inserted, but the coin insert  slot to liven up the atmosphere seems missing. The new and impressive library with one of the best views for the librarians I have ever seen across the street has a good kids section.

Pout of town the Town of Milton is certainly worth a stop. We did this and were rewarded – stooping by the sour-dough bakery which did not disappoint. We are sticklers for healthy food and don't usually buy meat pies- but the pies at the Sour-dough bakery were delicious and made with butter pastry instead of the usual rancid oils. We stocked up on a few delicious loaves of bread for the road. Taking our stash back along the character filled historical main street with views down to the sunny meadows and the Mollymook surf beach it seemed this was the perfect place to live.  Down the road a little on the main highway there is one of the biggest fig trees I have ever seen, with plenty of branches for kids to play on.

Lake ConjollaLake Conjolla
Mollymook from MiltonMollymook from Milton

Later in our around the Australia journey we met a wonderful couple who moved here from Sydney after retirement. This is a fairly common story for the area as those with the means to support  themselves or a pension move to this idealistic small town location to enjoy the sea change.

Milton SourdoughMilton Sourdough

 The famous celebrity chef Rick Stein opened up a seafood restaurant to open up a restaurant in this blessed Mollymook surf beach we could view looking down from Milton hill. While Mollymook is not the most water friendly beach for small kids nearby Lake Conjolla has shallow waters and is surf free.