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Looking for Vancouver Family Vacation Ideas. Vancouver is well known as a vacation destination and often fronts lists for the best spot in Canada for a vacation - Vancouver is  often number one on the TripAdvisor list for example. 

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Canada Family Vacation Ideas , Nova ScotiaPrince Edward Island, Vancouver,  Victoria BC,  Whistler.

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But what about for families? Does the intensely Urban enviroment of the biggest city in BC and the Pacific Northwest detract from the joys of a family vacation.

Three family-friendly attractions in Vancouver - Lonely Planet travel videos

Local Parents and Kids Groups and Activities in Vancouver

Train rides, kids theater, a, kids artists entertainers, kids workshops and more. While on vacation in Vancouver you can always sync into what local kids are doing Kids Vancouver.

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 Find out what is happening daily for children during your stay and close to where you are staying. Some of the activities are even good enough to plan your stay around. 

Stanley Park

Stanley Park is a leisure and adventure location that you may like to compare and contrast to New York's Central Park, but with miles of shoreline to explore. Packed with enough activities to keep your average family interested and engaged for a full day.

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  • Home to the aquarium.
  • Ride a miniature train, go for a swim and enjoy the natural beauty of the area.
  • Ensure that you also catch some of the monuments and First Nations Totems. 
  • Some of the most popular family beaches in Vancouver are also situated withing the park.

See more on the entertaining family activities available in Stanely Park

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Grouse Mountain

You will need a guide to show you all the attractions to Grouse Mountain as well. Grouse mountain is one of about three mountains you can say are in easy reach of the city. Popular with the locals and tourists alike it really is a destination in it's own right. 

Grouse Mountain Skyride By Andrea Schaffer FLICKRCCGrouse Mountain Ziplining

Most prefer to take the Skiride to the top and then hike to the best vantage points and attractions. Activities can range from heli tours, simply enjoying the view, paragliding, mountain disc golf, ziplines, visiting the wildlife refuge to view the bears. One unique attraction is a glass viewing platform that has been set up at the top of find farm turbine.

The video below is from  Grouse Mountain Ziplining

The Vancouver Aquarium

The Vancouver Aquarium is one of the largest and host more than 50 000 creatures. Located in the middle of Stanley Park and reasonably easy to get to from most accommodations. 

The aquarium is generally open from 10am to 5pm and encourages visitors to arrive before 11 to avoid the busy periods. You can also buy your tickets online if you like.

Find out more about the Vancouver Aquarium

TELUS World of Science park

Getting to work in the morning cienceWorldCATELUS WORLD OF SCIENCE PARK

Regularly updated interactive, participatory exhibits designed to get children exploring their environment and discovering from a perspective of fascination and imagination. Also huge OMNIMAX films. Visit TELUS World of Science

Granville Island for Kids

The main attractions of Granville Island for Kids are the kid's markets which features non -cheesy quality kids wares, and  the water park. The water park is the largest free water park in North america.  Take a mini ferry over to complete your adventure.  You will marvel that this area was once an industrial wasteland. 

Travels with Baby TV: Granville Island with Kids

Maplewood Farm - North Vancouver

Maplewood Farm in North Vancouver is one of one of the last remaining farms in an area that has now been developed. A quaint family attraction that has hundreds of animals.

And Nearby Vancouver

Vancouver has scores of day trips and nearby attractions many of which feature trips out to explore the beautiful natural surrounds of the Pacific Northwest coastline including the whales and marine life, beaches and mountains.

Perhaps the two other locations you should seriously consider if you are visiting Vancouver with your family are Whistler and Victoria, Canada.

More family adventure ideas in British Columbia.

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