Victor Harbor

Our Family Holiday Review of Victor Harbor.

We stayed at the magnificent Victor Harbor Beach Front Holiday Park and found it was one of the best places you could imagine for families. Our preference for unpowered camping sites once again served us well. Our nearest neighbours were far enough away that our three year olds early morning rising was not a bother. We also enjoyed hearing the waves at landing on the shore nearby, and the view out to Granite island. I was sure that I hear the sound of seals, or sea lion, or penguins the first night we were there and I was sure to ask the local tourist information centre about it the next time I saw them. 

VIDEO: Victor Harbor Beach Front Holiday Park

Also great was the ample opportunities for kid friendly activities from the Tourist park. Apart from the jumping pillow and impressive kids playgrounds within Victor Harbor Beach front Holiday Park. You could easily take a walk or ride a bicycle to nearby beaches, even more playgrounds and the historic area down by the information the historical city centre. 

Victor Harbor Accommodation

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Victor Harbor was impressive to us from the time we arrived and first drove trough. The ingenuity to craft such a livable little city out of the semi arid dry surrounds is impressive and the huge pines that line the beaches and main roads are a testament to the foresight of the founders of the town. 

In the historical part of the town the whaling museum tells another part of the history of one of the first Australian towns of significance.  A steam railway also operates  from here too.  From this down-town station it Puffs over to Port Elliot on Sundays along the historic trail which was a vital link between the Murry River trade and the ships that took their cargo further onto Adelaide.  Follow the tourists out of the central court and towards the beach to find much more family fun activities on the down-town beaches and harbour.

Throughout the day big Clydesdale style horses cart across family after family over the historic bridge over to Granite island. We opted instead to walk across the kilometers long jetty which connects with the mainland.  The island is made for family adventurers and we spent the good part of a pleasant day exploring it with our three year old – stopping to climb around the huge granite boulders and enjoy the fresh air, space and views out to the blue blue sea, and the mainland we left behind.

Where the horses and carriages arrive back on the mainland is the main tourist information centre for the area. South Australia does this tourist information stuff well and within a few minutes we were loaded up with brochures of zoos parks and lots of other things to do in the area. Mostly we opted for the free stuff  with the addition of  a little $15 splurge on the Penguin tour of Granite island. We passed up the zoo and a tour on a rubber duck bout out to see sea-life.

Penguins at Victor Harbor